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The Front Steps Project Book

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The Front Steps Project Book
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The Front Steps Project began in March 2020 as a grassroots fundraiser when friends Kristen Collins and Cara Soulia united their neighbors through images of life in quarantine. Along with other local photographers, they took a few hours each day to go to neighborhoods in Needham, Mass., and to photograph residents in front of their homes in exchange for donations to their local food pantry.

Through social media, their passion caught on and photographers around the globe replicated the project, ultimately raising more than $3.35 million for hundreds of nonprofit organizations and local businesses.

The Front Steps Project: How Communities Found Connection in the COVID-19 Crisis commemorates a massive effort of good will through inspiring photographs and poignant stories of both heartache and triumph. The Front Steps Project demonstrates that even in the most challenging of circumstances, incredible kindness, love, courage and hope exist to build, bind and connect communities around the globe.

Proceeds from book sales will be donated to charitable organizations fighting the global effects of COVID-19.

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